Bridget Scarr

Entrepreneur, Exec Producer, and Writer

Bridget Scarr

Entrepreneur, Exec Producer, and Writer

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I'm Bridget.

I'm on a mission to transform how we, as women, approach our well-being! After suffering burnout, depression and ill-health, I decided to start making health my main priority. It completely changed my lifestyle.

Still, this did not prepare me for the unexpected effects of ageing; waking up one morning to discover that all the elastin in my body had decided to go on strike overnight! Suddenly my eyelids drooped, my upper arms wobbled, and even my bosoms chose to give in to gravity! I was horrified - and that was before I experienced the other pesky, age-related issues that reared their ugly heads too. I discovered finding the right solutions was not so easy to do.

I became preoccupied with finding solutions. Intensive research led me to longevity science and the root causes of ageing, which saw me completely overhaul my lifestyle and diet with incredible results.

However, when it came to knowing which supplement I should choose, once again, I discovered this was not an easy thing to do! Which products worked, and what treatments were effective? I knew there had to be a better way than facing an overwhelming array of options whenever I needed to look for something new. So I set about finding a way to solve this - if you want to know more, go and see what we are up to at

Today, I aim to create a simple, healthy & beautiful life. I know that many other women want this too. I'm all about finding ways of living and being that improve how we feel and experience every day.

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In my spare time I write… both songs, lyrics, poetry and fiction. I‘m a great believer in creative expression - if you‘re curious feel free to listen:

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